Avida Queensland get together

Over a few days in the last week in July, a group of Avida owners made their way to the BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park.

There was a really good selection of much loved, to almost brand-new models, and they all looked very impressive. These days there is a lot of different colour appearing on caravans, but Avida still produce a standout motorhome in their standard white, and it looks fantastic in a line-up.

Kathleen, whose job within Avida is to work with their owners, was present at the first Happy Hour. Many other owner’s groups are run by owners themselves, with support at their events by the manufacturers. But Avida has always run their group differently. There is a very active website for the many thousand members, and the annual events are arranged and run by Kathleen and her co-workers.

The first happy hour was spent with a very good Q&A with Ian Campbell, a representative from the Gold Coast Avida dealer, one of the biggest in the country. Ian knew some of the Avida owners quite well, and you could tell that they had a great relationship. The questions flew thick and fast about so many topics, and then it got into forward-thinking.

Would there ever be an electric motorhome? Once we got over the need to have a national recharge system, the possibility was considered. Would it come? The possibility couldn’t be ignored according to the owners.


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