Australians’ love for cars evident in car care devotion

New research indicates that Australians’ love for their cars is growing with an increased amount of time and spend devoted to at home vehicle maintenance.

More than half of us ‘Motoring Enthusiasts’

With 51% of Aussies identifying as a ‘motoring enthusiast’, the research also found that many take their auto-addiction to the next level, with over one in ten (12%) admitting to washing their car as frequently – and sometimes more! – than they wash their hair.

Given the escalating value of and demand for used cars, Australians are dedicating time and effort to enhancing the quality of their vehicles, with an increased focus on DIY maintenance ensuring the longevity of their investment and safeguarding future resale value.

The rising cost of living is also propelling the nation towards embracing do-it-yourself solutions with the increased enthusiasm for DIY car maintenance creating new opportunities for Australia’s car care products market.

Car Care up by 15 per cent

Australia’s leading automotive retailer Supercheap Auto saw a 15 per cent surge in car care product sales during the 2022/2023 financial year.

Business Manager of Automotive Maintenance Joel Dauber said customers are investing in products that elevate the quality and efficiency of their vehicles.

“We know car care products increase longevity and improve the cosmetic efficiency of vehicles, increasing their future resale value,” Mr Dauber said.

“The research suggests the global car care market is projected to reach a value of USD 4.8 billion in 2027. Supercheap Auto’s national sales data supports this trend with more and more Aussies taking the care of their car seriously”, said Mr Dauber.

Snow Cannons dislodging elbow grease in DIY Detailing Wars

New South Wales leads the charge in personal car care, consistently topping Supercheap Auto’s sales charts month-on-month, followed closely by Queensland.

Snow Cannon cleaners, designed to provide a professional touch to DIY car detailing, are flying off shelves nationally, accounting for the biggest sales increase.

This trend indicates a departure from traditional hand scrubbing methods with Australians opting for a more sophisticated approach to maintaining their vehicles.

“We really are the one stop shop for Aussies when they are thinking of car care. Whether you’re reviving vintage charm, safeguarding a new beauty, or indulging in a routine wash, our extensive range of car wash, polish, wax, ceramic and hybrid coatings offers plenty of budget-friendly and super satisfying ways to take care of your car,” Mr Dauber said.

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