Armadillo gone, but CUB Campers Saves the Day

In 2016 outdoor lifestyle TV show What’s Up Downunder ran a competition throughout the year for lucky winners Clare and Brendan Dean, to walk away with an Armadillo Camper. However, after much anticipation, the Dean’s dream came crashing down with Armadillo Campers unfortunately going out of business, meaning no camper for the happy winners.

But fear not, being proud supporters of What’s Up Downunder, Cub Campers heard what happened and came to the rescue, supplying the Dean’s with one of their Australian made campers the ‘Kakadu’.

Upon winning the camper back in 2016, Clare was “completely overwhelmed” and in fact thought it “[may] have been a joke” when receiving the phone call that they had in fact won the competition. Clare and Brendan were very happy, but eventually quite shocked to hear that Armadillo had gone out of business and couldn’t hold up the competition prize.

However, the Dean’s definitely got even luckier when they found out they would be receiving a Cub Camper instead. Clare and Brendan were already proud owners of a Cub Camper and were ecstatic they could upgrade with such a trustworthy brand. With 50 years under their belt, Cub Campers were the perfect heroes to come in and save the day.

Not only that, proud supporters Dometic also proudly donated their CFX50W Fridge to complete the package!

Big thank you to Cub Campers and Dometic for making the day, happy holidaying!

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