Are you RVSA ready?

With only 9 months remaining until the transition period under the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) ends and with the Federal Department requiring up to 60 business days to process and decide on your RVSA vehicle type approval, it is critical that you start now. All businesses are required to have their vehicle type approval in place before 1 July 2022 or else the business will be unable to provide product to market.The time to get started and apply is now.

RVSA Ready website

Working closely with the Federal Department, Caravan Industry Association of Australia have created the RVSA Ready website which is the one stop shop for everything RVSA.  Providing updated guidance material and industry specific tools to assist your business on your RVSA journey.

The RVSA Roadmap provides 9 steps to highlight what is required for your business and when these can be started.

The Low ATM Trailer Evaluation Tool will guide low ATM trailer manufacturers and importers through the key concepts and requirements of the RVSA helping identify gaps which may restrict your ability to obtain your type approvals.

Opt-in Arrangements deadline

Eligible approval holders under the MVSA may seek vehicle type approval through the Opt-in Arrangement.

It is encouraged to apply now as the opt-in period is valid only until 31 December 2021, 11:59 pm AEST.  The Department encourages to submit applications 30 days before the nominated start date.

Before opting in, ensure that your approval under MVSA is in force and up to date, and the Road Vehicle Descriptor (RVD) is accurate.

Opt-in applications must be submitted by, or on behalf of, the eligible MVSA approval holder, so ensure your details are the same as the eligible MVSA approval holder.

More information can be found HERE.

Guide to Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) – September 2021 released

The Federal Department have released a September 2021 version of the ‘Guide to Vehicle Type Approvals.’  The revision includes an added section called ‘Applicability of ADRs’ (page 16) and an update to clarify ADR applicability for Second Stage of Manufacture (SSM).

Download the latest version HERE.

Planned ROVER server upgrade 

The Federal Department have advised the ROVER will be unavailable from 12am AEST Friday 24 September until 8.30am AEST Monday 27 September 2021 and from 5pm AEST Thursday 7 October until 8.30am AEST Monday 11 October 2021 due to a planned server upgrade.

Key documents needed to obtain your Vehicle Type Approval

  1. To introduce a Quality Management System (QMS) within your business and to demonstrate that you have effective control or Conformity of Production (CoP); and
  2. To identify Australian Design Rules (ADRs) that relate specifically to the type of Recreational Vehicle being provided to market and collect and hold evidence demonstrating compliance to the relevant ADRs.
Both documents need to be completed before you can finalize your type approval application, and both must remain a part of your business systems once you have transitioned to the RVSA and need to continue to be updated and treated as living documents within your business.

For further information on Conformity of Production (CoP) click here.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia have developed the ADRs relevant to Towables tool which assists Industry businesses to identify those common components that are used in your towable recreational vehicle builds that have an associated ADR.

A NEW feature in the ADRs relevant to Towables tool is the addition of potential evidence options that can demonstrate compliance to the ADRs.  Within each ADR there is guidance as to what type of evidence may be applicable to your towable recreational vehicle.

All applications for approvals will be managed through ROVER (Road Vehicle Regulator) which is the Department’s administration system for the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA).  Businesses are advised to set up their ROVER profile account now.

For more information about ROVER, click here.