Jewel in the Crown

Roadstar’s largest unit, the Daintree Sirius 23’ combines chic apartment styling with serious off-road credentials.

The stars aligned when Roadstar Caravans produced the Daintree Sirius 23’. Named after one of Australia’s jewels in the crown you know you’ve reached a pinnacle in life when you’ve made it up to a Daintree Sirius. The Sirius 23 has the style of a chic apartment portraying a truly entertaining demeanor with wonderful off-road credentials to boot. Roadstar’s Ken Nizam is mighty proud of his Daintree Range confidently entering his largest 23’ x 7’6” unit to the challenge of the 2019 AL-KO Tough Tested Challenge.

To build a true off-road contender you must start with very solid foundation and extend the integrity throughout the whole construction. Roadstar begin with a fully welded hot-dipped galvanised chassis made from dependable BHP steel and team it with the new AL-KO 3.5 tonne “Clip Lock” coupling and ALKO Enduro Outback Independent trailing arm suspension that stood the demands of extreme acceleration, high speed over corrugations, radical moguls, thick sand drifts and a cranky mountain climb with ease.

Make no mistake, we drove this course at breakneck speeds to truly “Tough Test” this worthy competitor, and the Sirius barely blinked an eyeball.

For the full article on the Roadstar Daintree Sirius, you can read in the AL-KO Tough-Tested Digital Magazine.