Diesel Care Introduces New Catch Can Kits

Diesel Care has introduced a new range of Catch Can Kits to its product line-up, designed to protect modern diesel engines that use Exhaust Gas Recirculation, which reduces Nitrous Oxide emissions but has some potentially negative side effects.

The company was the first to design a range of Fuel Filter Kits to prevent costly damage due to contaminated fuel and to solve the ongoing and time consuming mounting problems that arose during installation on various vehicles. Now their new range of Catch Cans Kits have been developed to not only help protect the engine but to also improve on the existing range of kits you may find on the market.

During the research phase for its Catch Can Kits, Diesel Care says the goal was to produce a product that would fit better under the bonnet of modern diesel vehicles, be more robust in design and, importantly, be as easy as possible to install.

While Diesel Care offer their services to fit the kits and have developed them to save time in the workshop, they have the customer in mind. These kits have been put together so that anyone with some basic mechanical skills and a few tools can install one themselves within an hour or two.

So why do you need a Catch Can Kit?

A catch can or oil mist separator is a solution to the build-up of carbon in the engine’s intake system. This compensates for the way vehicle manufacturers have dealt with the problem of nitrous oxide emissions released in the atmosphere by diesel engines, a method called Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

For the full article on the DieselCare Catch Can Kit, you can read in the July issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.