Diamond in the Rough

Is this stylish example of tough modern luxury the real deal? Well, we’re about to hit the tracks and find out!

Now it’s not every day you get handed the keys to a brand new 19’6 foot long caravan and asked politely to strap behind a V8 Ram pick-up truck, all with the sole intention of giving it hell on a custom 4WD touring track. Yet, here we are with the Rough Rider from Vacationer Caravans about to test it’s meddle on the 2019 AL-KO Tough Tested Challenge.

Vacationer Caravans were founded back in 2010, and since then their products design and capability has been really turning heads among loyal customers and industry folk alike. They’re proudly Australian owned and built, giving them the ability to customize their product to suit your every requirement right down to a tee. Plus they sport a sassy combination of stylish looks, modern features and robust dependability. Designed and built from the ground up to be the ultimate holiday companion; let’s see how it fares on the vacation from hell, shall we?

If there was ever a manufacturer that oozed more confidence in his product than a retiree at a nude beach, it would have to be the one and only Matt Simpson from Vacationer Caravans. He’s been in the caravan manufacturing game his whole life and when you look at the product he’s brought down to our proofing field, it really shows. As we perched at the dummy grid waiting for the checkered flag to drop, Matt sat in the passenger seat looking cool as a cucumber without an inkling of worry in the world. That’s a far cry from what I’m used to when people ride shot gun with me! “Do you think we’ll have a caravan on the back when we reach the finish line?” I asked. “I sure hope not” Matt said. “I don’t feel like towing anything home” Matt joked. At least I think he was joking. On that note, at the flick of the throttle, we were off and breaking traction every time I got a little too excited.

For the full article on the Vacationer Rough Rider, you can read in the AL-KO Tough-Tested Digital Magazine.