It’s been a gruelling 10 days at the Loveday Adventure 4×4 Park in Barmera, SA. What’s Up Downunder along with major sponsor AL-KO Australia invited several manufacturers to take part in the annual TOUGH TESTED course.

We spoke to Warren Parrot, Executive Producer of What’s Up Downunder at the end of the shoot. “Of course there were a couple of logistical hick-ups, we had manufacturers driving up to 10 hours to Barmera which is two hours north east of Adelaide and two hours west of Mildura, towing their pristine vans and sticking to our tight shooting schedule”, said Warren “but in the end everyone had a blast and while I’m not going to give away the results of the tests, there were a few surprising outcomes. And believe me, the vans might have arrived looking pristine but they didn’t all look that way when they left.”

Hard Work But Well Worth It

“The cast and crew worked day and night and the footage we have will be some of the best we’ve shot. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that’s been done on this trip.”

“Each van was put through it’s paces behind one of our Ram Trucks so we were more than confident we had the towing power to get the biggest vans through the course.”

The episodes will be shown throughout What’s Up Downunder’s 10th season that goes to air on April 13th, 2019. They will be shown, not as continuous episodes but one at a time spread throughout the series.

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