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Compiled by Alison Huth, Editor at Large

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Leader and Supreme Caravan Owners Group

Tracey posted: Best storage hack I’ve found so far, IKEA Trones Shoe storage holders attached to both foot and sides of bed. When bed is down you can’t even see them and you don’t know they are there, great for shoes but also laptop, books etc. I’ve attached with heavy duty sticky sided Velcro rather than screws and so far haven’t moved. Perfect fit



The Gibb River Road and Kimberley Region

Admin Steve posted: No. Just no!


I googled Camping Crocs and these seriously exist! I agree with Admin Steve’s comment. Alison

Crusader Caravan Owners Group of Australia

Mitch posted: Hi All, we forgot to lock one of our windows before traveling and it has blown open and over extended the struts. Now they won’t close. Does anyone know how to fix these? Thanks

John replied: Try grabbing both struts from inside the van and jiggle them side to side. That should get the internal strut back inside the outer tube. We had the same issue and doing the above gently got them back to normal.

It worked.


Spinifex Caravan Owners

Spin 020 posted: Good morning all how does one stop the water running into the front boot.

Spin 121 replied: Had the same problem from new. This fixed it


Jayco Silverline Enthusiasts Australia

Alanna posted: We are spending a few days at Blacksmiths Beach. Just bought this from a nice gentleman named Graeme who noticed I was having trouble stepping in and out the van…..I have rheumatoid arthritis….what a great thing!!! It just slots into place over the existing step and it feels so much safer!!! he makes them himself.

On the Move Caravan Owners Group:

Carrie posted: Someone was asking about Vortex Black Edition toolbox ideas? This is what I’ve done:

– Lined the floor with 30mm foam mat

– Installed the vertical divider wall (16mm marine ply)

– Installed the shelf above the generator.

– Got custom made braces to fit over the bulkheads as well as custom made L-section

– Bolted up the lot and installed full length 1500mm drawers.

– Made a bunnings 25mm ‘connect-it’ aluminium drawer with 6mm ply shelf.

You could go bigger height wise on the pull out but I wanted space for a custom full length pull out tool kit in a hard case as well as high lift jack, etc.

The top shelf on the generator side has the cut out for diesel heater fuel plus enough room for 4x Navigator gear electrical/water/sullage/power bags plus more.

The generator is a Yamaha 2.8kva and runs the AC all day easily plus room in there for a 350w solar blanket with MPPT to hook up to the grey plug between the batteries. Plus spare 5l jerry.

Food for thought.

PS – cardboard templates will be your best friend if doing this yourself!

Option RV Caravan Owners Group

John postedVanity issue: Has anyone retrofitted a slim (20cm) full length mirror on the sliding toilet/shower area door?

Jude replied: Yes, bought a stick on one from Bunnings. It’s been on the door since 2016 with absolutely no problems.

Snowy River Caravan Owners

Dennis posted: A little tip….stubby cooler over table leg base to stop it rubbing and banging.

Retreat Caravan Owners Group

Lorraine asked: Sally we’d appreciate your advice on cat travel. We have a 14yr old timid cat. Have to get a pet sitter at home. Tried a harness. Hates it. What’s your experience here.

Sally posted: Lorraine the girls have been travelling in the car since babies. To get used to the van we would go and sit read or play games while the girls explored. We leave the bed nook cupboard opened as a safe spot for them to hide or sleep. One is very good on the harness and the other is as timid as.

New Age Caravans Social Club

Greg posted: Hi New Age Tecs we have just put two new 130ah batteries [in] just having trouble getting the Drifter reset for the new batteries. Any advice would be greatly accepted. THANK YOU

Greg later posted: Problem solved was earth lead not attached.

Lotus Caravan Owners Group

Maggie posted: Adjusta Mattresses, been meaning to write this post for a while and a query on this site yesterday reminded me, thought I would share the tips and tricks we have discovered ! Have to say we love this bed and have no regrets but there are some details to consider including some we hadn’t thought about.

(Maggie’s comments are very long and full of information, I will just give a very brief list. Alison)

Weight – 32 kg each side, less previous mattress, reduced number of pillows needed.

Height – bed is definitely higher, need to work out how to get into bed

Off Grid – Changed to 12 to 24 volt dc to dc converters each for each side and we no longer have to use the inverter off grid. No more turning it on so you can change position.

Sheets – still use the same bedding

Lifting the bed – upgrade the gas struts.


Sunland Caravans Owners Group

Electra posted: Pleased with this little addition, roof top tent shoe / gear storage bag and 7mm rope track. Now have a good storage for our shoes outside.

Royal Flair Caravan Club Australia

Kate posted: I want to clean this fan and mesh. Does the mesh just pull down? I don’t want to force it and break something.

Anthony replied: The mesh clips out if you gently work your way around from the lowered lip. They get brittle over time, so be careful as you move around the circumference. We pop ours out and use the fan to suck the flies out when the kids leave the door open and fill the van.


Nova Owners Australia

Trina posted: We would like to retro fit fans as caravan didn’t come with them, is there an easy way to do this without wires showing?

Craig replied: We wired the fan into the light which is just under the cupboard.

Tommy replied: We replaced the Two strip LEDs at the top of the bed with the fans. Able to hide holes and wires. No regrets.


La Vista Caravan Owners Group

Kim posted: Not a good way to start our first big trip interstate. 2 days before we leave. As it’s all computerised, not sure what the problem is … it lost all power, went into limp mode … not good when we need to tow the BIG La Vista “ Manolo”….


Everything Caravan and Camping

Main posted: Sick of losing socks down the side of washing machine. Thank you pool noodle

Baby Boomers on the Road

Sue posted: IF there are electricians in the group, or anyone familiar with regulations, is this OK? We pulled up here and were directed onto site. That is our power lead. We had no idea that the piece of land that was empty when we arrived was going to become a tent site. Just before this photo was taken , people were sitting on chairs, astride the power lead. The lead also runs across the doorway of a permanent building. The resident came out and poked the lead with his foot and seemed pretty unhappy with the situation. I have not ever been in this situation in 3+ years of full time travel. It just seems to be wrong and I’m not comfortable with it.

(They left the unnamed park the next day with a full refund of unused days – Alison)

Caravan Lawn Bowlers Club Australia

It’s a wrap! Bowls QLD wins 2022 ANZAC Test Series

CREATIVE NOMADS – Sewing, Crafting and Cooking throughout Oz.

In Alhaurin de la Torre in Spain, seven women textile artists, plus their crochet teacher, Eva Pacheco, have spent months weaving new sunshades for the town centre…

Australian Art Trail

Brad posted this one from Gunnedah NSW.

Truck Friendly Australia

Truck Friendly – caravan road safety program


Even professional drivers get it wrong.

Truck Friendly recommend that you measure the total height of your RV and record it on the inside of your windscreen or some place you can see it while driving.

Too often we come across low bridges and we must make a quick decision on whether we can fit under.

Even some caravan parks and shopping centres have low clearance drive throughs.

Be very aware of resurfaced roads that may now have less clearance than is signed. Always allow a safety margin as the sign may have been there for some time and not been remeasured.

You will probably have to pay the bridge or tunnel repair expenses.

Stay safe everyone.