Funding for road safety innovations welcomed as caravanners hit the road

The Caravan & Trailer Road Safety Alliance (CTRSA) welcomed further funding announcements made recently by the Government looking to contribute to innovative road safety solutions. This is part of a suite of funding initiatives totalling $110b in projects including regional road upgrades, removal of high risk intersections and other road safety projects.

“One caravan accident is one caravan accident too many,” states CTRSA manager Peter May, acknowledging the Government’s commitment to Vision Zero–zero deaths and serious injuries by 2050.

CTRSA welcomes funding


The Australian caravanning industry is a global leader in safety advances within the industry, with creative solutions around braking stability, weight control, and connectivity between the towing vehicle and caravan, just three examples of how technology has been advanced locally to reduce the risk of caravan accidents.

The recent announcement of a $10 million Road Safety Innovation Fund will focus on the role that new technology and innovation will play improving road safety, and continuing to provide solutions which will assist in getting families home safely after their caravanning adventures.

“With over 750,000 Recreational Vehicles (RVs) registered in Australia, and many more travellers looking to caravan and camping as a holiday option while international and cruise trips are off limits, it is important for CTRSA and its partners to drive the advancement of safety technologies for the benefit of existing and a new wave of first time RV users,” Mr May said.

“We will also continue to seek out complementary opportunities to better enhance RV products with a key focus on safety for those out on the road. Programs such as Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s RVMAP as well as other industry accreditation initiatives will continue to develop to improve consumer outcomes,” Mr May continued.

To find out more about the government initiatives, please see the below media release.

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