Caravan Manufacturing Excellence Program Announced

CIA VIC and Victorian State Government announces $2.2 million Innovative Project for the Industry –Caravan Manufacturing Excellence Program

$1.3 million Victorian Government Grant for an innovative and exciting project for the Caravan Manufacturing Industry

$2.2 million total project cost

The Caravan Industry Association Victoria (CIA VIC) initiated and will lead this exciting project with the support of Victorian State Government funding. This project is partnered by Nova Caravans and Melbourne Polytechnic and will trial and deliver innovative approaches to training Nova Caravan’s workforce to be more efficient, flexible and qualified when making caravans – this is a first in Australia.

The project outcomes include Nova Caravans workforce achieving certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing, greater productivity in the workforce and the development of a flexible training delivery model customised for the whole recreational vehicle industry.

CIA VIC Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lucas, said Victoria is the heartland for recreational vehicle manufacturing with 90% of all Australian made recreational vehicle being produced in Victoria.

“Manufacturing is the bedrock of Victoria’s strength, accounting for 74 per cent of jobs in the component sector and in building motorhomes and traditional caravans. This pilot project that will run for two years, will not only benefit Nova Caravans but provide a model that will take the whole industry to that next level of professionalism and efficiency,” he said.

Mr Lucas said the industry’s growth in Victoria was driven by the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry Blueprint which CIA VIC launched in 2012.

“Two of the most important elements of our Blueprint are training and industry standards, and we have made real progress in both of these areas,” he said.

“We have had good support from successive State Governments, led by the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Education & Training, and of course Tourism.”

“But we have much still to do in order to raise our industry’s business standards to match the expectations of increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated customers.”

“The job is not over, but our industry development and training initiatives such as this program – Caravan Manufacturing Excellence Program is moving us relentlessly in the right direction.”

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