Caravanning Queensland renews free Safety initiative for fourth year

Caravanning Queensland together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Gas & Petroleum Inspectorate have renewed their unique free caravan Safety Check Days for a fourth year.
Since announcing the program’s new dates for 2018, Caravanning Queensland have experienced an influx of expressions of interest with the first expression logged in less than four minutes from appearing on their website, showing just how popular the important initiative is for caravan, campervan, motorhome and other recreational vehicle owners.
Caravanning Queensland CEO Ron Chapman said many thousands of Australia’s nearly 65,000 registered caravans and other recreational vehicles take to Queensland’s roads every year and safety should be of the utmost importance for all drivers.
“The Safety Check Day’s allow caravan and recreational vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected, weighed and ensure that they meet Australian Design Rules and Road Safety regulations,” Mr Chapman said.
“As caravanning grows in popularity, so too does the need to ensure caravans are operating safely and simple things like adding a tool box to the back, popping a kayak on the roof or even travelling with extra water tanks can cause the van or vehicle to become overweight and overweight loads are dangerous loads.
“We also check to make sure that things like 12 volt lights and number plates are not obscured; and we make sure the towball and vehicle and caravan weight is distributed legally and safely.”
The free Safety Check Days welcome registered caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, or any other type of recreational vehicles at locations throughout the state, with 15 checks scheduled for 2018.
Mr Chapman said the initiative is unique to Queensland and aims to educate and equip owners with the information they need to travel safely, rather than issue fines. We are delighted that the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Hon Mark Bailey MP, continues to support the initiative.
“No other state or territory offers an initiative like this and as a result we often have interstate holiday makers register to take part while they are travelling through various areas of Queensland,” he said.
Last year, Caravanning Queensland weighed in their 1,000th vehicle since the initiative’s inception in 2015 and by the end of the 2017 program almost 1300 units had been inspected.
For more information about Caravanning Queensland’s Safety Check Days or to register at a location near you, visit
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