Caravan Industry Association Victoria launches Jobs, Training & Career Strategy

The Caravan and Camping Industry continues to be a significant contributor to Victoria’s economy. Caravan Industry Association Victoria (CIA VIC) CEO Rob Lucas, along with the Hon. Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Employment launched the CIA VIC Jobs, Career & Training Strategy to strengthen the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry’s ability to attract and retain a motivated, innovative and rewarded workforce.

The Jobs, Career and Training Strategy was developed directly from feedback provided by the Association’s members at the 2017 CIA VIC Members Industry Summit to address concerns about attracting, retaining and training staff and the direct impact this was having on their businesses plus the likely long-term impacts on industry growth in the state.

The Council of the Association considered these issues and endorsed the development of a strategy to assist its members and the industry.  NEM Australia were engaged to develop a methodology that engaged with government departments/agencies, key educational and employment agencies to deliver a relevant and practical strategy for the industry.

Eight Strategies, each with three strategic initiatives, will drive the industry towards its visions of being:

  • An aspirational, rewarding (financial, secure and culturally supportive) well-marketed industry with a highly effective and efficient recruiting process.
  • An industry with rewarding career pathways and respected culture at all levels of employment.
  • An industry with a clear job-creation and induction pathway for people into the industry that supports future business, leadership, professional & skill development to drive and adapt to industry, consumer and environmental changes; and
  • An industry with leadership that drives collaboration and innovation from within and outside the industry to adapt to changing consumer and environmental trends.

The eight strategies revolve around Industry Job and Career Promotion, Job-Seeker Engagement, Career Pathway, Management and Culture Skills, Industry Induction, Training and Development, Industry Leadership and also Innovation and Change Management.

These eight strategies have been developed to drive careers in the caravan industry which Victoria has confirmed its domination of Australia’s $4.5 billion caravan industry in 2017, accounting for almost half of the industry’s total economic contribution and almost two-thirds of its manufacturing jobs.

To find out more about the Jobs, Career and Training Strategy and to view the full executive summary click here.


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