The strikingly beautiful JB Caravans Marlin!

Somehow it feels as if JB Caravans have been around for a really long time, such is the impact they have made on the caravanning world in Australia. In fact, they have only been building their impressive range of caravans since 2010.

What’s Up Downunder was at Melbourne’s Leisurefest last October and caught up with the guys from JB Caravans to see what was new, and that was the first time we saw a Marlin.

The first one we went through was a single axle Marlin, and it was a delight. Sometimes a single axle can look a bit cramped, but not this time. When you use a light colour scheme and make sure that you have good sized windows, the interior looks very light and feels roomy. Not only did this Marlin have the right look and feel but it invited you to sit down and just hang around.

The family bunk Marlin has some outstanding features. The bunks are really long, and wide. They don’t look it because at least half of the bunk is hidden down the side of the en-suite. It’s a very clever bit of designing because it means that you have big bunks and a really good sized en-suite without making it a 22ft caravan.

Another stand out for the Marlin is the overall look of it. The outside, which has fiberglass walls and a one piece fiberglass roof is sharp.

The Marlin is packed with amazing features, clever design is their forte. Do you want to know more about the JB Marlin? click here!