The Piazza from Royal Flair Caravans is redefining outdoor living

The Royal Flair Piazza is a stunning new luxury caravan from Royal Flair that allows you to travel in style and luxury. Featuring a cushy club lounge, a separate ensuite, a fabulous Sky Deck and a host of other features that make it one of the most comfortable caravans around.

The caravan is supported by a tough G&S chassis that holds up the Sky Deck, a unique feature of the Piazza model. The Sky Deck is a fold out veranda that assembles easily, adding 9 sqm of living space, making the Piazza a great option for families. The model can also sleep up to 4, with a queen bed that descends from the ceiling over the club lounge.

Features include 2 x 95L water tanks, a 150-watt solar panel, as well as a pull-out BBQ and picnic table that allows you to entertain outside.

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