The More you Know the Rough Rider, the More You Love It

We know this van, inside and out. Not only was it part of this Tasmanian trip but we had also tested it on our AL-KO Tough Tested episode earlier on in the season.

This is what we know about this van….it’s a tough, completely off-road van that’s pretty light so doesn’t need a huge vehicle to tow it. It’s built on a G&S Chassis with AL-KO Enduro suspension built especially for off-road adventure.

The Rough Rider comes with all the bells and whistles – loads of storage outside, checker plate protection, dual 95 litre water tanks, reverse camera, the push-button AL-KO coupling that can turn 360 degrees – either way!

But what happens to this van if you decide you’re not going off-road on your next trip – NOTHING. It’s as comfortable off-road as it is on.

Inside the luxury is obvious – a queen size island bed for easy access either side, remote control air conditioning, full-size oven with a four-burner stove and grill, great ensuite with storage and a full-size shower and of course a washing machine.

Really, there’s nothing rough about this van. It’s comfort, quality and durability all the way as was proved both on the subtle roads of Tasmania and the more-than-testy roads at the AL-KO Tough Tested track.

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