The Chassis Caravan Manufacturers Trust

Since 1975, Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers have been turning to G&S Chassis for reliable, high-quality suspension systems, chassis and components. Many manufacturers of great caravans on the market today still choose the family owned and operated G&S Chassis for this reason, backed up by their outstanding customer service.

Much like a house, you can’t build a quality caravan without quality foundations and the chassis is the foundation to any caravan. That’s why caravan manufacturers including Vancruiser, Quantam Caravans, Vacationer Caravans, Opal Caravans and Nova Caravans look to G&S Chassis for a high-quality foundation on which to build their vans. These manufacturers cite reasons such as the engineering expertise, good quality materials, customer service and recommendations as just some of the reasons why they choose to build on a G&S Chassis time and again.

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