The Annual Service

After seven months on the road, the Huth’s booked in their van for its Annual Service: A Smart Move, here’s why!

After our seven-month almost lap trip last year our van had a few things that needed a bit of TLC. When we got home, we cleaned the van and rang the factory to book it in for a service. We are in the lucky position of being able to take our van back to the manufacturer because it’s only 45minute drive down the road.

Normally we get it serviced in January because we avoid going away in the heat of summer. We rang in October and the earliest they could get us in was January. Perfect, why break the routine? the GMSV’s Trailer Camera system can assist you in determining whether your rig is clear to move as you engage the indicator.

‘You did what?’ 

If you had followed my posts to WUDU’s Facebook last year you would have seen photos of our trip and some serious door problems. At one stage, we had one door lock and one hinge holding our two doors together and in place. Andy, Mr Service at the Sunland Factory, was a little taken aback by our door damage story, and how we had kept the doors working.

Unpicking Bush Fixes 

The truth is we had bolted them together so the outer door didn’t fly open when we were travelling. One working lock out of three didn’t hold the doors together on all the roads we went on. Then add in only one hinge left due to wind damage, and we had to nurse our doors.

Electric Refinements 

Our list of things to fix wasn’t extensive but did include the addition of a new grey Anderson plug that we could plug the portable solar panel into which will take it straight to the lithium batteries. We don’t have a DC/ DC charger so this is how Andy will sort it.

Spending the Time 

We spent about 40 minutes with Andy looking inside and outside, so he could get a good picture of what we thought we needed and what he knew we needed! Good servicemen are worth twice their weight in gold.

Annual Tradition 

Each year we have the van serviced, no matter how far we have gone in that year. They check the brakes, the silicone seals, the list of standard checks goes on and on. Getting our van serviced is part and parcel of keeping our great van in top condition that will make our trips so much easier. You get your car serviced regularly, you van needs it too.