That’s Our Van!

Normally, when it comes time to write about one of the caravans we have on our journeys I watch the segment that appeared on the show, speak to the cast and crew who towed and/or stayed in the van and speak to the manufacturer about features etc.

Well, this time I have had the first-hand experience because I was fortunate enough to be involved in getting the Lotus Off-Grid from Tasmania to Cairns for another shoot.

This van is impressive, it had what seemed like the entire neighbourhood out checking it out, taking photos and asking a million questions. Being a genuine off-roader, it sits high off the ground giving it the appearance of being a pretty big van even though it’s really quite compact.

We took off Sunday to our first destination, Gundagai, It was freezing when we arrived, but that was absolutely no problem for the Off-Grid as it is equipped with reverse cycle heating and cooling. And really, it only took 3 minutes to get the van to a comfortable temperature before we turned the heating off and that’s pretty much where the temp stayed for the rest of the evening. I can only imagine that means the insulation is excellent.

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