Retreat Caravans Impressive ERV Is An Off-Grid Dream

Melbourne Leisurefest 2019 is the place to find everything new and exciting within the caravan industry like the new ERV by Retreat Caravans. The ERV includes a 14.3kWh battery which gives the ability to run appliances such as hair dryers, coffee machines, kettles, induction cooktops and more simultaneously.

The ERV does not require gas to run appliances, so there is no need for ventilation which greatly reduces the amount of dirt and dust that would otherwise inevitably find its way into the caravan when out on the road. Rather than put ventilation on the roof, the ERV has 15 solar panels, generating up to 1605 watts of solar.

Over 170 days of travel and 20,000km’s of testing went into the ERV and not once did the ERV need to be plugged into the Anderson plug or 240v power, meaning all the power needed was generated from the ERV’s impressive solar system.

If you would like more information, visit the ERV by Retreat Caravans Facebook page and website: