Partnership That’s A Proven Game Changer

In 2016 a partnership between New Age Caravans and Walkinshaw was born.  New Age, known for its innovative design and their sleek and sophisticated range of caravans joined forces with Walkinshaw in a program to develop and design new products for the caravan industry.


Walkinshaw, extremely well-known and respected for their work around the V8 Touring Cars as well as the Holden Special Vehicles through their road car programs came on board with New Age Caravans knowing their high-tech approach to engineering would reap benefits for all involved. And what was the first successful product, the chassis, now seen on all New Age’s caravans.

This is a long-term partnership. Walkinshaw along with New Age are working their way through caravan design developing and improving as they go along.


The result is New Age’s Caravans have been upgraded. Every van in their fleet has been improved in one way or another.


Oliver Lukeis from New Age Caravans talks about the partnership, some of the more technical designs, and what it means to New Age Caravans to be involved in such an innovative collaboration.

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