Nova welcomes WA dealership in expansion boom

Embarking on a maiden voyage in a Nova caravan is now even easier, with Nova welcoming four new dealerships on iconic routes in NSW, SA, Victoria and WA.

Luxury RV’s in Rockingham (WA) and Donehue’s Leisure in Hamilton (Vic) new to the fold are within reach of Highway Number 1.

With Caravan City Cowra on the Mid Western Highway providing a strong presence for regional and urban travellers in NSW.

And Donehue’s Leisure Mt Gambier dealership providing sales and service on the Adelaide to Melbourne haul. 



Notably, the newest expansion sees Nova return to Western Australia, with Luxury RV’s providing service and sales on the Coral Coast.

John is confident the newly-relocated 7000sqm dealership is a good match for Nova with Luke Bell at the helm.

“We have a strong Nova owners’ group in Western Australia … [and] Luke knows how to take care of the customer,” explains John.

Likewise, Luke Bell on behalf of Luxury RV’s, the sole Nova WA dealership is equally thrilled. 

“We’re excited to bring the Nova Terra Sportz here,” says Luke.

“And it’s also a good thing for people who own Novas, they’re now able to upgrade to a newer model,” says Luke.


Luke Bell is excited to offer Western Australian travellers the Nova Terra Sportz

WA dealership Nova Luxury RV's to stock Nova Terra Sportz


Indeed, quality customer service is essential for any dealer joining the Nova dealer network.

“Customer service, stability and years of experience in the industry matter to us,” says John.

“And, of course, the presentation of the dealership as well.”

Together, the four dealerships add more than 70 years in cumulative experience to Nova’s 10-outlet network.

With three of the four new Nova dealerships operating service centres.



John says Donehue’s Leisure in Mt Gambier and Hamilton is an ideal fit in terms of attitude, longevity and reputation. 

The family-run business achieved RVMAP service map key-accreditation at both sites.

“We were very excited to welcome Donohue’s Leisure in Hamilton and Mount Gambier,” says John. 

“It’s right near the SA and Victoria border—a real touring route, which is great news for our customers.

“Dee is fantastic to deal with. We’re proud to have Donehue’s Leisure on board.”



Caravan City Cowra is an institution for holiday-makers in Central NSW, having operated as a family business for more than 50 years.

“Ron and his wife, Anna Marie, are industry icons,” John explains. 

Over the years, thousands of overlanders have kickstarted their travels at Cowra. 

In fact, Caravan City Cowra provides container storage on-site for extended adventures.