Nova Caravans showcases its first motorhome, available in 2021 exclusively from EmuRV.

Nova Caravan’s very first motorhome displayed here is so new, it doesn’t even have a name! 

Built exclusively for EmuRV, it will headline the EmuRV by Nova range in 2021.

The two-seater motorhome is based on a six-metre Fiat Ducato chassis and features a powerful 6D 2.3L turbo-diesel engine and 9-speed auto gearbox. 

A driver safety pack comes standard and includes lane-assist, anti-slip and hill holder, rain and dust senses, a 5-year factory warranty and 3 years road-side assist.


National sales manager John Sills says Nova Caravans commenced its designs in early March when EmuRV requested a luxury offering.

“It has the biggest fridge in a motorhome of its size and everything in it is top-notch. EmuRV is really going for that top-end market,” John Sills explains.

Indeed, comforts inside include ducted heating–with an outlet to the shower–and that 175L compressor fridge, ibis 4 air-conditioner and a three-burner cooktop, says John.

It also features solar panels, another touring essential, as Marty Doherty, managing director for EmuRV explains.



In fact, Martin wanted a fully-featured compact motorhome for long-term travellers in a two-seater design because it is a popular configuration that sells well second-hand.

“This one is six metres, the size of a standard vehicle.

“A lot of our buyers are solo travellers or are caravanners who no-longer want to stress about hitching up a trailer or parking,” says Marty. 

“We wanted to give our buyers the best because even though it is a small motorhome–travellers want the big fridge, the solar panels, the shower and toilet because they live in them.”


Marty was keen to involve Nova Caravans as a partner, having sold Nova caravans earlier in his career.

“I’ve known Nova Caravans managing director Robert Cataldo for nearly 10 years.

“I started selling the Nova product when I was younger. We approached them knowing that they could custom design what I wanted. I like how they do things.

“So we put our heads together to design the range. We haven’t cut any corners here,” says Marty.


Although the first EmuRV by Nova model is a comprehensive package, Martin is keen to tailor the models to suit different needs. 

“We’ll do a few models, the first will be on a Fiat Ducato, including a four-seater variant on a longer chassis.

“We will also design a few Iveco Daily and Mercedes Sprinter variants on a 4×4 base if people want to go that way.”

Tailored upgrade packages such as a diesel heating and cooking option are on the cards.

Watch this space.