Meet Mona the Millard from wreck to wonderful

When Chris and Amanda Piazza decided that it was time to buy a caravan, they didn’t go through the normal procedure. As avid campers, they knew what they wanted and, more importantly, what they could afford. So, they avoided scanning through heaps of manufacturer’s websites, they didn’t head off to caravan shows and climb in and out of a multitude of brand new caravans with all the latest in bells and whistles. They searched for a vintage caravan that meets their needs and wants. It all fell into place when they saw an ad on Facebook Marketplace for a 1973 Millard for $400.

This van had been stripped back to basics and beyond. There was a chassis, walls, roof, some windows, and a door. That was it. Everything else had gone. This was not going to be a weekend refurb with a touch of paint and some new cushions. This was going to be a huge job and one that demanded a range of knowledge on how to remake this Millard, now affectionately known as Mona, into a gorgeous usable caravan for a family of four.

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