Lotus celebrates 20 years

With sharp-looking vans sporting celebratory decals ‘ready to roll’ from an all-new state-of-the-art facility, Lotus knows how to celebrate its milestone 20th anniversary year.

Aiming High

Indeed, judging by the Lotus 2024 line-up, the luxury caravan manufacturer embraced its status as a ‘Heritage Brand’, marking production on the very first model commencing in January 2004, 20 years ago.

All vans sporting Lotus’ flagship Trooper 2024 specification feature REDARC appliances standard, including the RedVision remote-control system and 3000W inverter; Cruisemaster ATX airbag suspension and Lotus’ unique AL+ Aluminium frame construction–which is also available as an option on other Lotus specifications. While Italian leather, interlocking cabinetry and a G&S Chassis come standard across the entire range.  

Reflecting on 20 years

This swagger didn’t happen overnight. Proprietor George Josevski spent two decades carefully positioning Lotus as a leading manufacturer of tough, premium caravans, his passion ignited while working along with his dad during the school holidays as a young teen.

Back in those days, things were different, everything was painstakingly handcrafted, without the benefits of CAD-built cabinetry and the aforementioned proprietary AL+ Aluminium lightweight alloy frame that withstands off-road rigour and enjoys greater load-carrying capacities. 


Attracting Enthusiasts

Over the years, Lotus has attracted its fair share of enthusiasts who have hauled the strong yet stylish caravans to all four corners of Australia. The latest to join the family is the like-minded Pro Touring Concepts CEO, Caleb Reed, builder of customised vehicles who’s innovations you can find here

Of course, not all caravanners share the same ambitions. Luxury aficionados can visualise their own ideal Lotus in various layouts available across eight on- and off-road specifications.

From easy beachy Hollywood-style fun, to the sporty off-road Sprint, to the premium Trooper and high spec Off Grid variant, using the Lotus’ build your own van tool here. 


Lotus Caravans