Ken has his freedom – Thanks to Eden Caravans

Ken Whinfield who lives in northern Victoria is a happy man even though he is wheelchair bound, and having a disability doesn’t mean he can’t join the rest of us on the road and make great memories.tru blu 2

Ken and his wife Yvonne were at a caravan show at Echuca when he came across a display by Eden Caravans. He had previously owned caravans, but misfortune happened leaving him with a disability and becoming wheelchair bound. Ken is a person who does not give up and it meant he had to basically redesign his way of living as life must go on, and that is exactly what he has done.

He was impressed by the display of vans at the Eden stand and talked with their owner, Paul asking what the possibility was of him redesigning one of his vans for a person with a disability. Paul is also a person who welcomes a challenge and agreed he would do just that; redesign one of his van to suit people like Ken with a disability.

To redesign the 21’-6” van meant extensive changes to the original layout right down to needing a custom built chassis from FP Chassis; something that really had not been done before. When you look at the finished product, you can readily see the attention to detail by Paul whose desire was to build something right out of the ordinary.tru blu 1

There are lots of extra features such as single beds, with special low profile mattresses, three lift handles with steel reinforcing across the roof and a push button electric roll out awning.

When it came to a ‘Dhollandia’ push button electric wheelchair ramp, the obvious choice was ‘Tieman”, renowned for supplying mobility ramps to Australia’s wheelchair taxi industry and other disability organisations. The van also has electronic stabilisers which can be operated either individually or all at the same time. It also features 12” ‘Breaksafe’ electric brakes and for added safety a ‘Dexter’ sway control unit.

At each end of the inside of the van is a turning bay allowing easy movement inside. There is plenty of space to move around the ensuite area which also has a lift handle. All cupboard are easy to reach and are push button lock. Other items inside such as the microwave, stove and TV have also been suitably lowered. Outside there are two picnic tables and one has been lowered for easy reach. The van has been named “My Freedom” by Eden Caravans because it simply allows people with mobility problems the chance they deserve to travel without any worries at all. Ken loves the choice of model name and says it is very appropriate.

“We have caravanned all our lives and really enjoy it, and I am now more than happy with our My Freedom van that Paul has gone out of his way to design, and the great effort he has put into it. It tows very well behind our Landcruiser and my wife and I share the driving. Yvonne is very happy with the layout and describes is as ‘very user friendly’” Ken says.      Eden Caravans

Eden Caravans can offer you a product that has been meticulously designed and constructed by experienced craftsmen who take great pride in their workmanship.
Their commitment is to manufacture caravans that are structurally sound, reliable, comfortable and safe. They guarantee that you will be impressed with the complete away from home luxury lifestyle and more than satisfied with your investment.
Their caravans ARE NOT MASS PRODUCED and as such, they DO NOT compromise on quality to achieve quantity.

Eden Caravans are unique in that each caravan is hand built with passion and to the highest standard as if intended for our own personal use. Attention to detail in every area of construction and the use of first class materials ensure the final outcome is perfection. Their philosophy is to combine exceptional value, classic appeal and technological innovation. You can be certain that Eden Caravans are unlike any other on the market today.

A visit to their factory at 13b Capital Link Drive at Campbellfield is always welcome. All you have to do is give Paul a call on (03) 9357 7709 or visit their website here.

Written by John Westbury and Photos by John Sullivan