Jayco All Terrain OFF-GRID X

Need more lithium storage? Jayco lets you double up twice on lithium power in the All Terrain range, with two new upgrade packs.AT Off Grid Z

OFF-GRID X Pack One equips the All Terrain with a 200Ah in lithium capacity (up from 100Ah), 30A DC-DC charging, a 2000W inverter and 120Ah charging from mains.

The OFF-GRID Pack Two, meanwhile will double that lithium capacity again, with a  400Ah lithium battery bank quickly charging at up to 180Ah from mains power.

Both packs come with exciting new graphics, a heavy duty bumper bar out back and a firewood holder at the front.


Th Jayco All-Terrain is a sturdy dirt-road touring featuring independent trailing arm suspension.

Modern comforts include a stylish kitchen and internal ensuite, in a choice of three layouts.