It’s a Wrap on Cruisemaster’ R.A.T. Run X Series

All great things must come to an end.

Episode ten, the finale of Cruisemaster R.A.T. Run X Series was released last week bringing to a close Cruisemaster’s coverage of their 2019 Remote Area Testing Trip.

Throughout the trip the team covered 8,5000 Km’s of Australia’s toughest roads pushing their gear to the limits. With the trip came the teams fair share of drama; from electrical faulty to literally shaking products apart on corrugations this was no Sunday afternoon drive!

The highlight of the series for most will certainly be the candid look at what goes into product testing at Cruisemaster, where else do you see the piston of an airbag being tuned with a roll of tape mid-way through a trip in the outback?

With five never before seen Cruisemaster prototypes on board as well as a broader range of potential alternates components also being tested you will see plenty of gear that worked and a few components that didn’t. But success and failure seems to be taken in their stride as they venture out to prove these products in real Australian conditions before release.

A must add to your “in isolation” playlist.