Track Trailer are extremely proud of their heritage and are humbled by thousands of loyal customers who have travelled millions of kilometres around Australia. Its because of their customers that they are excited to announce the Track Trailer T4 collection.

More than ever before Track’s new T4 Collection of Off-Road RVs offers you, your partner and family the perfect opportunity to have the camping lifestyle you choose.

The T4 Collection has 3 distinct models which you can customise.

The Concerto:

The Concerto model is for families and features external cooking and the addition of bunks suitable for adolescents.

The Symphony:

The Symphony is designed to be extremely flexible and can cater for 2 or up to a family of 6 depending on options selected.

The Rhapsody:

The Rhapsody model is luxury for couples and features an internal ensuite and kitchen.

Once your best fit has been selected there is further customisation that will allow you to add internal modules for more storage, additional bench tops, different cooking setups and the ability to change the bed from E/W to N/S. Outside the T4 you can increase your living space for longer stays with a vast array of awning options and attachable rooms. Cooking outside has never been easier as the T4 now features the beautifully finished Tvan Premium Kitchen and external drawer fridges. External storage is extremely flexible and can easily fit a Weber Baby Q along with all your camp fire cooking equipment. The T4 Collection is as unique and exclusive as all Track products before it.

Track Trailer pitch form and function against each other to ensure they build an intuitive and comfortable living space that complements your lifestyle and enables you to explore more easily in style and comfort.

The process of designing and manufacturing their own chassis and suspension, walls, doors, windows and cabinetry (i.e. not using off the shelf parts) gives the T4 a strong and cohesive style with fit for purpose components, which they warrant for off-road use.

T4 Collection will not only deliver your needs, but will also make it even more individual and engaging. Track has anticipated your desire to create a special space for you and your family and so has created its most flexible range of options ever, so that the opportunities for individual interpretation are broad and many, right across the T4 Collection.

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