Goldstream Caravans

Goldstream Caravans have been a major part of the Australian caravan manufacturing market since 1993, and they have learned a lot of things at that time. This essential knowledge really stands out when you look at the range of caravans they make.

One caravan, the 1800 EWBST, a family model pop-top was put through its paces on the Tough Test at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park in South Australia. There is no doubt that if you send a caravan to go through this test drive, you need to be very confident that it will come through with flying colours. No-one was surprised that this wonderful van did just that.

The perfect camper is the Crown Premium. This is not a big camper, but it has a lot of outstanding features, including an amount of bench space you would be hard-pressed to see in a 24’ full caravan. Everything fits inside the body of the camper, no extending beds, the size you see is the size you get.

No matter which Goldstream you look at, the finish was excellent, the clean layouts and excellent use of space showed that Goldstream have learned their trade.

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