Get off the Beaten Track!

They say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Yet with a Roadstar Safari Tamer caravan as your ever reliable travelling companion, it also means that the tough get comfy! To properly explore our wide and challenging land you need a rugged mate that will go the distance. While the blacktop can lead to some beaut, but mostly populated holiday locations the gutsy Safari Tamer will follow your 4WD confidently in remote and rugged sojourns into less mainstream and much more exciting camping wonderlands.

This award-winning range of fully off-road caravans is offered in a range of sizes. Their silver smooth low profile aluminium cladding affirms this the good looking Aussie digger – it’s perhaps a little bit brash and bold, but with underlying confidence and chiseled features topped off with a dash of panache. An exceptionally strong chassis lays foundation to hard wearing external features with tough checkerplate protection all around.

The award-winning Safari Tamer earns its strong reputation with serious attention to detail, meticulous fit and finish, tough off-road components and award-winning overall presentation. Let’s go tame a safari off the beaten track with Roadstar.

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You can also find out more information about the Safari Tamer from Roadstar Caravans on their website or find them on Facebook.