Find out what sets ZONE RV apart

There are a few key differences that set ZONE RV apart in the caravan industry. The unique transition from building luxury, high-end boats to building caravans with improved technology and design is one, that they do this without using any timber is another.

ZONE RV was founded by ex-luxury yacht builders David Biggar and Matt Johns – the pair saw the opportunity to bring a lot of technology they were used to using in the marine industry and putting them into caravans to create something quite different.

Each ZONE RV caravan is 100% timberless, with a focus on creating caravans that are strong and lightweight, the team cites taking timber out of the equation as a  key component to how they achieve this goal. Timber absorbs water, which is the main reason for rotting, plus wet timber can cause an unpleasant smell inside caravans, by not using timber, ZONE RV removes these risks.

Instead ZONE RV caravans have a unique Tufflite composite body, exclusive bonding technology(dust and waterproof), monocoque construction ( originally developed for boats, aircrafts and rockets) and precision engineering. The end product is a well-finished, high-class, strong and lightweight range of caravans.

The team at Zone RV recommend factory tours to really see how these caravans are put together and what goes in to building high-end, well-finished, strong and timber-free caravans. You can also find out more by heading over to

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