Family Matters – There’s always room for the kids!

Family is close to Jennifer and Lennie Mifsud’s hearts so it’s no surprise their campsite

embodies these values. The On The Move Vortex Black Edition shown, for example, sleeps two inside
but there’s ample room under the wide awning, with the pull-out K5 kitchen a brilliant centrepiece for a communal ‘home-base’.

Here, Jen and Lennie talk family and business then reminisce holiday memories with What’s Up Downunder correspondent Robby Nethercote.

“I would rather be in a caravan than a plane, the kids can come along if they want, if they want,“ Jennifer explains.


The Vortex Black Edition is first- class all the way with Lennie demonstrating just how easy it is set-up the luxury van via a touch screen display. That’s thanks in part to the airbags within the independent trailing arm suspension. You can remotely control their air content to level the van at camp.

Other welcoming electronically- controlled comforts include the step, satellite dish, the awning and, of course, the slide-out. Then there’s the lights and climate control within.

It’s a matter of “unhitch, awning out and slide-out extended all at a switch of the button,” as Robby explains.


Getting into camp is a fuss-free affair, too, with the Vortex proving surprising agility given its spacious, ‘The Hamptons-style’ interior.

In our clip, Jennifer and Lennie exchange a bit of banter as they coast their way to the perfect, private lake-side camp with the trailing-arm suspension helping to shield the van against the craggy track.

The close up footage of the air- dampened twin-axles in action enlightens to say the least.