Ezytrail’s ROBE 15 Twin

Ezytrail brings the indoors out for longer happy hour fun in the dual kitchen ROBE 15 Twin

I’m a sucker for a postcard view. Sand between the toes, rustling leaves, breezes tickling the shoulders, sublime takes on many forms. My heart rate plummets as I pull out the camp chairs and half-height table for an afternoon of dips, chips, Jenga and a glass of wine–camping gold.

Effortless Cooking Outdoors

External cooking spaces can keep the good times rolling, which is the incredible appeal of the ROBE 15 twin, a pop-top hybrid van with dual kitchens and a pull-out bed end. Under the awning, we find a hard-top locker that lifts to reveal twin burners, condiment shelving and a sink at a pleasing ergonomic height. The soft lighting here is both functional when you’re meal prepping and cosy when you’re mooching about camp.

Firewood Storage

A dedicated slide-out for a large 95L fridge, forward of the entry, frees you more time to kick back outdoors. Indeed, the ROBE 15 Twin really greases those wheels in more ways than one. Out front, a large door provides easy access to copious storage up for your chairs and tables beneath a firewood tray with laser-cut tie-down points. Off-side, there’s a flip-top access to organised storage as well.

Cutting the Clutter

This 15fter pop-top is comfortable indoors–that’s thanks to that hardtop pull-out queen-size bed-end. Though the ROBE 15 twin may be new, this bed extension is a multi-generation design, so it’s well-insulated, has reading lights and is relatively easy to install. If campsite clutter drives you up the wall, Ezytrail introduces useful accommodations. Divided storage surrounds the bedroom windows, providing high shelves at the pop-top roofline and nifty lift-up ledges underneath the windows for books and devices and more.

Indoor Dining

A second sink and another twin burner cooktop augment the kitchen outdoors. You also get a fair bit of benchtop prep space. The armless lounge provides a bit of comfort without hijacking the living area. Two handy fold-down seats adjacent accommodate surprise guests in poor weather or your hungry teens swagging outdoors. There’s also a spacious combo bathroom indoors.

REDARC/Lithium Setup

Ezytrail overhauled battery power capabilities across its 2023, and this one comes with a REDARC Manager30 and RedVision for remote-controlled access to your camp. A 2000W inverter, 400W solar and twin 120Ah lithium batteries really step up what you can do off-grid. Other luxuries include the split-system air-conditioner, 250L is freshwater storage plus 80L for grey.

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