Ezytrail’s first caravan, the Winton 18, to debut September 18 at the Cleveland Expo

The Ezytrail Winton 18—Ezytrail Campers’ first full-length caravan—will make its show debut at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4X4 Expo, Sep 18-20, 2020.

The Ezytrail Winton 18’s inaugural show viewing follows its official launch August 31.

Measuring just over 7 metres, it looks to be a real stunner inside, too.

Signature features include a seven-seat club lounge surrounded by large windows including a ceiling-mounted ‘moon-view’ pane.

Ezytrail Winton 18


According to Jordarne Oakes, national marketing manager for Ezytrail, the Ezytrail Winton 18 took more than 18 months to develop.

In fact, the final proving trip concluded just days before border closures.

Weighing a little over two-tonne, the Winton 18 rides on tandem rocker-roller seven-leaf spring Outback suspension and shock absorbers. 

“It comes with a lifetime warranty for travel on gazetted roads,” explains Jordarne.

It features an 2500kg ATM, upgradeable according to your travelling needs.

“We did a lot of research and development to make sure the suspension would hold up and that there was no dust. 

“We tested it to see what it would do or feel like on the kind of trip a customer would take it on.”

Ezytrail Winton 18


Size-wise, it’s a real departure from the Ezytrail hybrid ranges with a longer, slightly wider layout delivering comforts inside.

Superior access to the north-south bed was a key priority in the layout.

“This caravan is great for those who prefer a proper king-size bed,” says Jordarne.

“We had a traveller who was over six foot join us on our convoy, he found it to be very comfortable.”



Inside, the caravan features a 150L fridge-freezer. A four-burner cooktop comes as standard with an oven available as an option.

There’s a large sink at the bench and plenty of storage. Plus, a well-lit combination toilet-sink-shower bathroom.

For more information, reach out to dealerships Australia-wide. Or stop in and walk through it at your own leisure at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boat and 4X4 Expo.