Don’t Let the Name Fool You – There’s Nothing Rough About This Gem

Built with an absolute purpose by a man who loves what he does and has been doing it since he was 14, the Rough Rider by Vacationer truly deserves the title of Best of the Best for plenty of reasons, and the public love it.

This van is truly one of the nicest most stylish vans I have ever been in – so that begs the question, why the name?

That’s easily explained according to our favorite baby boomers, Bruce and Marg Gow from “Baby Boomers on the Road”, it’s because this van can be taken just about anywhere, rough or smooth, the Rough Rider by Vacationer Caravans can handle it.

Given that, if we take the very appealing exterior, the beautifully stylish interior and add to that the Semi off-Road Chassis, 6-inch A-frame and the ALKO Enduro Cross Country Twin Shock Suspension, it’s no wonder the Rough Rider by Vacationer Caravans was voted one of our Best of the Best for 2019/20.

The van we took on our Convoy for Charity was decked out beautifully. The décor is thoughtful and functional. The white overhead cupboards off-set by the black under bench gave the appearance of a modern, spacious area. Then, add to that timber benchtops and black accessories and this van is stunning.

Bruce and Marg from “Baby Boomers on the Road” were pretty impressed as well when they travelled in the van for 18 days, “From the outside, the Vacationer Rough Rider is a very stylish beast. Ours was red and black, very striking. The checker plate across the front covers the full tunnel boot, including a slide area for your generator. The sides of the van also have checker plate, along with a panel cupboard for the television and power switchers. Like the inside, these switches include 240-volt, 12-volt and USB charging.

We just loved all the lighting! LEDs in the ceiling provide a bright, even light, but we liked the more subtle lights as well, like the little softer lights within the cubbyholes beside the bed, as well as the good reading lights. But, the best lighting feature, we thought, was the switch beside the bed where you can turn on the bathroom lights, great if you need to get up during the night and don’t want to disturb anyone else.”

So, apart from the name, which can you leave you wandering, this van is a beauty. Well done Vacationer and congratulations on being voted one of our Best of the Best.

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