Centaur Caravans New designs for Karakampa

The Karakampa II is a beautiful caravan to look at, elegant in design, and has the knack of making the interior look far bigger than it actually is. The van is white, inside and out and is an all composite design and uses the monocoque system which means that individual parts combine to make the overall strength of the unit. It works and works really well.

The entry door is in the back, with an awning over it. This actually adds a lot of usable internal room and you feel like you are coming in through a hallway. The kitchen is on the right-hand side and starts at the back wall and goes a bit over halfway down the wall with a curve in the bench over the fridge. It breaks the straight line up beautifully. On the left-hand side is the combo en-suite. It is not wide but wide enough and really quite long. I am not a combo fan, but this one looked pretty good and very usable.

All told, this is a very clever, very smart looking caravan. It doesn’t claim to be an off-road but will happily take to some dirt roads. If you are looking for something light yet strong, small yet extremely well kitted out, then Centaur Caravans Karakampa II should definitely be on your radar.

For more information on the Karakampa, from Centaur Caravans, you can read more in the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.