An Amaroo in Wonderland

A compact van with a real appetite for adventure, we test the nerve of the Amaroo 1506 out on the tracks.

One of the first cabs off the rank in this year’s AL-KO Tough Tested Challenge was the Amaroo from Wonderland RV. Now, this is a company that really prides itself on crafting beautifully made caravans with a maze of creative and innovative features. Wonderland RV also prides themselves on the ability to supply the perfect van for your needs, which explains why there are over 40 layouts available to choose from. The construction speaks for itself, too. You see, to eliminate inconsistency problems commonly associated with the traditional “sticks and staples” Wonderland RV utilize their pioneered jigsaw wall construction. Combine this with CNC Router cutting and one-piece walls, and you end up with genuine strength and flexibility, along with consistent millimetre precision.

In a nutshell, it means your new van is built to a consistently premium standard. Couple their modern construction techniques, quality componentry and hospitable approach to the perfect layout and it’s no wonder the Wonderland RV brand has become such a sensation in the wonderful world of caravans.

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