AL-KO Tough Tested Challenge

Call me crazy, but I reckon there’s nothing quite like strapping 10 different AL-KO equipped caravans to the back of a 5.7L Hemi V8 and poking the pointy end straight through a custom made off-road test track! Well, that’s exactly what the team from AL-KO Australia and ten of the bravest caravan manufacturers in the country have just done, and it was all in the name of pure, no holds barred product testing. Although, I suspect most of these guys just love putting their products through the absolute ringer. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, grab yourself a cup of coffee and whack your feet up as we bring you the 2019 AL-KO Tough Tested Challenge!

The test track itself comprised of several main obstacles to conquer, with everything from man-made wombat holes to test out the suspension and coupling articulation, to deep water crossings, sand moguls, corrugations and a super cool hill climb to the finish line. Oh, and there’s even a high-speed chicane section too – talk about a tough test!

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