Touring Test Track with Signature’s Dominion

Does the Dominion from Signature Camper Trailers have what it takes to dominate our all-new camper trailer proofing grounds? Well, we’re about to find out!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the first edition of Camper Trailer Lifestyles Touring Test Track!”. This issue, we’re featuring the latest addition to the Signature Camper trailers range, the Dominion. Designed with comfort for the whole family in mind, this is a capable touring machine that offers a multitude of luxury at your fingertips. So, let’s see check it out in more detail, shall we?

First Impressions

At first sight, you can tell the Dominion means business. Bright orange scrub bars, prominent aluminium stone protection wrapped right around its towering stance hint at its touring DNA, while a quick gander inside confirms its stature as a comfortable family tourer.

The sleek overall look adds a touch of class and gives you an early inkling that this is not a camper that’s been simply slapped together, but a well-crafted and thought-out set-up.

Inside Layout

As a truly inclusive family tourer, it’s the dedicated front bunk beds that catch your attention at first. However, your mind swiftly sways towards the lavish queen bed at the other end. Between the two bedding arrangements you’ll find a beautiful genuine leather L-shaped lounge, which adds a luxurious yet home-like feel. Then of course, you have an indoor ensuite with a combined toilet and shower to add yet another layer of practicality to the set-up. The rest of the internal layout is filled-in with plenty of storage compartments, a compact bench and a sink.

Electrical Gizmos

Electrical luxuries have become quite an important part of the camper trailer scene of late, and the Dominion has surely embraced the concept with a well-rounded and practical electrical system. Three 100Ah deep cycle AGM batteries provide the brawn of the system, while the everreliable Redarc Manager 30 Battery Management System keeps everything running smoothly. There’s 300watts worth of roof mounted solar panels ensuring there’s always a steady flow of power to charge up the batteries. For times when 240V shore-power is not available, there’s a 2000W 12- 240V Redarc power inverter, too. Multiple power outlets are strategically located around the entire camper, and LED lighting provides very efficient illumination throughout the entire van. A Dometic roof mounted air conditioning unit ensures a random heatwave won’t ruin your holiday, while an efficient dust-extraction systems helps keep your set-up clean. Oh, and even the awning is electrically operated, what more could you ask for!

Keep on Rolling

In terms of towing, the 3.5T Cruisemaster DO35 Heavy- Duty Off-Road Hitch and receiver provides a reliable and robust connection between the camper trailer and tow vehicle. Mud terrain tyres ensure a durable bond between the trailer and the tracks, while the full independent trailing arm suspension ensures even rugged trails become smooth sailing. Perhaps one possibility that sets the team at Signature Camper Trailers apart from the competition is the optional Lovells Suspension packages that are available. Upgrades include fully adjustable remote-res shock absorbers and even an increased ride height of up to 2inches.

Keep on Rolling

With the Dominion in tow, our old 100 series LandCruiser tow vehicle felt the weight. The 2.4T tare weight and 3T ATM is perhaps the biggest draw-back of this particular set-up. In saying that, the ground clearance is surprisingly good. While the weightiness of the set-up was a hinderance at times, it doesn’t lack the ability to tackle the majority of touring obstacles with ease. In fact, in some situations that “heaviness” actually helped provide a sense of predictability that lesser setups simply can’t produce.

Perhaps the only downside of that extra ride height is the tendency for the top of the camper to effectively lean over on off-camber sections of track. It’s considered the limiting off-roading factor in my opinion, but that limit isn’t found anywhere near your average family touring route.