Marlin Camper’s Modern Classic

Enjoy all the benefits to soft-floor camping sooner with Marlin Camper s’ engineering smarts

Enjoy all the benefits to soft-floor camping sooner with Marlin Campers’ engineering smarts. For those who grew up camping, the charm of a side-fold soft-floor tugs at the heart. Long summery days, sea breezes, room to move plus storage for all your gear, towed to your favourite camp with the family car. Provided you set it all up, of course. These days, we don’t always have time to establish elaborate canvas camps. Which is why Marlin Campers’ time-saving innovations are such a fresh breath of air for the soft-floor camper trailer fold.

A True 2-minute Tent Imbedded Insulation 

If you’re struggling to get weeks off work–or hopping your way up the coast, quick, overnight camps matter: “The key to my design is to make it so that you don’t have to move much,” Steven for Marlin Campers explains. Marlin mastered this by remodelling the side-fold tent hinge so the internal roof poles remain in place–ready to deploy with a good tug. Then, magic happens as you unclip and drop one of those poles into the ground.

Secure Storage 

Storage capacity is a boon to owning a soft-floor camper. To protect your elbows and that copious cargo, accessible inside and out, Marlin reinforces the cavity beneath the high density queen size bed with laser cut steel, improving its weatherproofing capabilities all-round.

Imbedded Insulation 

Marlin keeps you camping yearround by insulating the canvas roof tent–no tricky tropical roofs required. Here, we see a concealed silver layer within the 800+ ripstop canvas ceiling. The insulation reduces condensation on the roof complementing the canvas’ inherent UV and waterproofing. “We get around 10 degrees drop in temp on a 30 degree day,” Steve explains.

Classic Camping Brand 

Marlin Campers delivers true, classic soft-floor camping by working with like-minded companies such as Drifta, makers of stunning, enduring timber kitchens. They can be plumbed to an 60L tank and complemented with portable power from REDARC or Ark (inverter options available) for agile camping tailored to your next adventures.

Light Towing

Soft-floor campers are usually lighter than other compatible-sized RVs, notably at the towball, as they evenly distribute the load. Marlin embraces that ease-of-towing ethos, with some campers weighing as little as 350kg. Marlin Marlin manufacturers their own trailers in on-road to extreme off-road configurations to suit almost any vehicle rated for towing on Australia’s roads.