Big Adventures On a Little Budget with Marlin Campers

Marlin Campers have gone back to their roots and stripped their camper trailer completely down to offer a “back to basics” range. Camping just became affordable again!

Nothing beats the freedom and convenience of a tough, reliable camper trailer. The problem is most camper trailer models have had so many accessories added in a bid to make them more appealing to the market that they’re quickly becoming less and less affordable. Recognising the need for a camper trailer that offers a simplistic, robust and reliable design while maintaining a low buy-in price, Steve Brettoner, the man behind Marlin Campers has gone back to his grass roots. The result? Well, that would be the “Back to Basics” range of camper trailers.

In a nutshell, this range of campers offer a basic trailer, with a tent. Sure, it doesn’t sound like it’s setting any records, but there are plenty of advantages to this approach. Let’s take a look at some of the long forgotten positive aspects of a bare bones camping set-up, shall we?

Lower Initial Investment 

Investing in a soft floor camper trailer from Marlin Campers allows individuals on a tight budget to enter the world of camping and exploration without breaking the bank. Their cost-effective models provide an excellent entry point for those new to the camping lifestyle or those seeking a more budget-friendly option. But here’s the kicker, Steve says that a lot of his customers are also quite seasoned adventurers that have gone up through the ranks and into the world of hard floor camper, or hybrids and returned to the lighter, simplistic design of a well-developed soft floor camper.

Bare Bones, Yet Buildable 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a bare basic camper with an affordable price tag is it gives you the option to add all those additional accessories when the timing is right. Plus, you’ve got total control over what you choose to add, what brands you use and how you get things done. That’s not to say it’s all on you to fit the camper trailer out if that’s not your cupper tea. Marlin Campers still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to building these “bare essential” trailers into fully equipped, go anywhere adventure tourers. Sometimes it’s just a matter of packing the right accessories. You’ve just got to ask!

Tough From The Get-G

The real beauty of such a simple offering is it’s easy for Marlin Campers to really keep their finger on the pulse in terms of quality. Put simply, the lack of intricacies in the design allow for exceptional quality control before they roll off the showroom floor. The minimalist approach also means there is not all that much to go wrong either, which is a breath of fresh air for the old bushman (or bush-woman) at heart.

How Good Are Soft Floor Campers?  

Long story short, soft floor campers offer a whole swag of advantages over the more popular campers designs of the modern era, especially when they’ve been developed so much over the years. Gone are the days when you would spend hours setting up a big heavy lump of canvas with nothing more than the will of a soldier and the might of a body builder. Nope, these tents can be set up in a matter of minutes with minimal fuss. Then of course you’ve got the fact that they’re lightweight and efficient to tow, with the on-road model boasting a Tare weight of just 350kg!

The Advantages Continue…

Storage capacity is at a premium with this design thanks to the full under-tent tub. You’ve got the opportunity to add intelligently designed compartments, drawers, and cabinets, to keep everything stowed away safely. Then there’s the fact that their lightweight design with minimal footprint combined with a rugged and simplistic backbone make for a very, very capable offroad tourer, too. Oh, but don’t let the compact size of the set-up in transit fool you, not many designs can rival the amount of internal space you receive once it’s all set up.

Parting Words

In a world of tightening budgets and blown-out living costs, it’s refreshing to see you can still get into the world of camper trailers without spending the equivalent of a house deposit. While the Marlin Campers range might not be everybody’s cup of tea, the best part is you’ve got the option to turn that tea into brandy, and all it’ll take is a little imagination and a touch of elbow grease. If you’re after an affordable yet reliable camper trailer, the “Back to Basics” range from Marlin Campers could be just what the doctor ordered. Go check them out for yourself…

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