Back In The Game…..

We’ve all been down and out of the touring lifestyle lately thanks to COVID-19. But with New Age Caravan’s latest camper-trailer range and their all-new “Road to Freedom” assistance package, it’s never been easier to back on the tracks.

Compiled by Camper Trailer Lifestyle

For most of us, the thought of travelling and exploring new sites is enough to make our hearts skip a beat with pure excitement.

It’ll probably skip a few beats given we’ve been locked indoors for the past few months, and we can all thank Covid-19 for that. But finally, the world is starting to turn again, and while we’re not completely free to travel anywhere we choose just yet, the camping and touring scene is well and truly getting back on track.

And guess what? The team at New Age Caravans are chomping a the bit to get you out there again with their Wayfinder 12ft Family camper trailer and their exclusive “Road to Freedom” assistance package.

Yep, if there has ever been a time to see Australia, this is it!

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