The Cruisemaster Difference

There is a reason Cruisemaster has remained one of the most respected and influential suppliers in the caravan and camper trailer market over the past forty years. So with numerous competitors entering the market over Cruisemaster’s tenure what is it that still sets them apart?

Cruisemaster is one of the most transparent companies in the industry standing by their products and offering extensive insights into how their gear is made and tested. So what do we know?

Cruisemaster’s suspension arms are made from Australian steel laser-cut and robot-welded for precision joins and welds. Their highly-skilled welding team then manually weld the custom elements of the suspension such as the customised stub axle to allow manufacturers to gain precise wheel placement. After construction, precision jigs are used to measure all suspension arms to guarantee accuracy of the build.

Even the elements sourced from outside the business undergo scrutinising quality checks with material density equipment and shock absorber dynos on site. These are quality measures typically seen in the automotive industry rather than the recreational trailer market.

It’s this dedicated to excellence at Cruisemaster that has seen them hold ISO9001 accreditation for over 20 years, become the first-ever supplier to be accredited by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and win the prestigious SAE-A Gold Award.

While all the above is extremely impressive it’s possibly what happens before a product is even released to market which truly sets them apart.

The Cruisemaster R.A.T. Run Program (Remote Area Testing) is recognised as the most grueling testing program in the industry. Occurring annually the Cruisemaster engineering team sets out on a trip through Australia’s most notorious tracks to test prototype products in real-world conditions. Cruisemaster believes to be able to release a product onto the Australian market they must first confirm its suitability in the worst-case conditions. This year’s two week-long R.A.T. Run (8,500 Km’s) looping through central Australia recently concluded with great success, the fruits of this labor we hope to see hit the market in 2020.

Outside of this annual trip Cruisemaster make a number of smaller local testing trips throughout the year as developments progress and even have an onsite corrugation simulator which allows them to run through the lifecycle of a product within a few weeks.

To learn more about Cruisemaster and their products visit or check out their Youtube, Facebook or Instagram where they often show behind the curtain of their products and testing.