New Touring Van, The Winton 18, A Real Eye Catcher

We’ve known Ezytrail as a leader in camper vans, but our ears pricked up when we heard they were heading down the touring van path. And with the design and engineering that’s gone into Ezytrail’s Winton 18, we knew we were looking at one of our Best of the Best for 2021.

This magnificent-looking van is smart in so many ways. It’s the perfect lead into touring with a lightweight, super-strong construction on a C Channel Chassis making it easy towing.

Entertainment Booth. – Ezytrail’s Winton 18

There is a different look to this van. It’s very modern while being a little retro as well. Loads of pockets inside to store things in as well as a real streamlined, European look.  The ensuite looks enormous, especially with that huge window, a large bed feels separate from the rest of the van making a resting zone while the entertainment all happens in the club lounge area at the front of the van with its unique and innovative moon window.


New invention at its best, and a worthy winner of one of our 2021 Best of the Best awards.

For more information, contact Ezytrail here.