Listening to Your Customer Creates a Best of the Best Caravan

New Age’s Manta Ray isn’t a new caravan by any means, it’s been around for some time and it’s been pretty popular but New Age’s customers wanted more. So, welcome to the new New Age Manta Ray and it’s very spunky pop top!

New Age has taken everything their consumer loved out of the original version of the Manta Ray and put it into a pop-top. So, what does that mean? It’s luxurious, spacious, and now so easy to tow and stow, making it one of our Best of the Best for 2021.


Built on the confident Walkinshaw designed and engineered chassis with Cruisemaster independent suspension, off-road hitch, marine ply floor and so the list goes on and up right through to the slick exterior that looks good on the black tar or the red dust.


The comfort inside is outstanding, air conditioning, full ensuite, leather upholstery, queen size bed, loads of storage.

An advantage of a pop-top is that this van is also a breeze to set up and pack up as demonstrated in this video.

I love this van, it has it all and it is very worthy of the title of Best of the Best. Well done New Age, you’ve listened and delivered.

For more information on New Age’s Manta Ray or any of the other vans in their collection click here.