Bravo Nova, Your Nova Bravo Signature Series is One of Our Best of the Best

Nova Bravo Signature Series

A worthy winner this year, the Nova Bravo Signature series had a thoughtful revamp in 2019 bringing to the new models some pretty spectacular upgrades. Take for instance the full-length bed. No extensions required, just a belly flop onto your comfortable cot and you’ll be punching out the zzzzs in no time.

One thing that’s often lacking In a caravan is a wardrobe big enough to put a hanger in. Nova has alleviated this problem by installing a full-size wardrobe. No more searching for tiny child-sized hangers that your clothes are always falling off.

Bravo Signature Series

Externally the Nova Bravo Signature series looks magnificent. It’s a great towing vehicle with careful detail paid to aerodynamics and built with the sturdy AL-KO ESC the one-piece Nova PRO-AL sandwich panel walls make this a strong build add to that the double glazed windows there is plenty of insulation and noise protection.

With nine layouts to select from there is no doubt there is a Nova Bravo Signature caravan that’s going to be perfect for you.

Nova Bravo Signature Series

You can check them all out here but our hearty congratulations go out to Nova for their innovation and the production of a truly worthy Best of the Best winner.