Tough Name, Soft Place to Fall

We invited our friends Shelley and David Ridgley on our Convoy for Charity firstly because they love traveling around the country in a caravan but more than that, they are just great fun to have around.


When the Crusader Excalibur SCV was voted one of our 8 Best of the Best we thought, who better? And the Ridgley’s approved making it unanimous, the Crusader Excalibur SCV is a ripper.

David and Shelley aren’t strangers to Crusader Caravans brand, they have one of their own, but the Excalibur SCV is something else.  Shelley loves the attention to detail like the push button step at the front door and the remote-controlled lighting.  While David’s experience is more about the practical operation of the van, the towing ability, the suspension and how the vans handle the road.

Watch the videos to make up your mind, but we’re sure you’ll agree, this is one great van, deserving the honor of being of our Best of the Best.