For those of you who aren’t familiar with the New Age Manta Ray, it is one of the best performers we’ve featured on our show, making it a worthy winner and one of our Best of the Best!!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ron & Di Sinclair, they are also some of our best performers when on our Convoy for Charity, and as a result, they get to travel in luxury, spending the Summer Series in New Age’s Manta Ray.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Merv Hughes – what rock have you been living under! One of Australia’s most famous cricketers Merv is also a lover of New Age Caravans.

So here we have three legends….


Let’s discuss the van first – this is the van for you, if you’re wanting to travel Australia in style.  New Age Caravans has dedicated time and effort making sure the Manta Ray range of caravans brings you the most comfortable travel experience.


This modern range has been engineered to offer all the space you need. Suitable for families, couples and singles, the Manta Ray is available in sizes ranging from 16ft to 22ft. As a standard feature, each caravan comes furnished with an ensuite with shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious layout design.


Now to the Sinclairs – Ron is a seasoned performer helping us out during our Happy Hours, entertaining young and old alike.  Di is his constant companion and support.  We love having Ron and Di on our Summer Series trips, like so many of our returning convoyers they make life easy for those of us working on the trip.  They’re always there helping when a helping hand is needed and thankfully, towing the beautiful New Age Manta Ray the setup of that van is so easy it afforded Ron and Di a little time to kick back as well (we hope).


Then, as if to add the icing to the cake we have Merv Hughes. A great storyteller, an absolute cricket legend and just like all of us, an avid caravanner.  And guess what, he’s a pretty good interviewer as well.  It was a pleasure having these three stars on our Summer Series, congratulations to all of them but in particular to New Age Caravans on being one of our 8 Best of the Best.

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