Lotus Freelander – Best of the Best!

Continuing the hunt for the 8 ‘Best of the Best’ Caravans to join the Whats Up Downunder Convoy for Charity!

The perfect combination of proven off-road capability and sheer luxury, the Freelander is jam-packed with absolutely everything you need to start living the Aussie dream. This versatile all-terrain touring van incorporates a stylish modern interior with a rugged, robust exterior to take you comfortably off the beaten track

Lotus Caravans didn’t just allow the Whats Up Downunder team to borrow a Freelander, they allowed them to take the newest 2017 model!screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-52-25-am

The new model holds various of different features such as:

  • Different Shape
  • Different Suspension
  • Different Furniture inside
  • Complete Different Look

Established in Melbourne 2004, Lotus Caravans is renowned for its unique designs, modern style and 300-400 units built each year they focus on the customers, their needs and desires.

Whats Up Downunder’s Convoy for Charity raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community funded organisation in Australia, raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common life-threatening cancer facing Australian woman, with 8 woman dying from the disease each day!

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For more information on Lotus Caravans visit their website!

If you would like to know more on the National Breast Cancer Foundation visit their website!